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GTA5 – The Best Violent Game Ever Made?

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If you’ve noticed a lack of activity lately here at The White Devil Blog, it’s because I’ve been busy with my other life…Grand Theft Auto V has to be without question one of, if not THE greatest games ever made. Obviously I’m not the only one, as the game has grossed over $1 billion dollars in the first 3 days. The game is incredibly deep, and the content is absolutely huge. The game is simply amazing. But as always when a new Rockstar game is released and the masses flock to play, out of the woodwork come the tired pundits blaming today’s violence on video games.

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Mad Max Comes to the PS4

This has some serious potential for older gamers, like myself, and may reignite the Mad Max franchise for a new generation. The setting of the movies has been ripped off for numerous successful games in the past, but to have something with ties directly to the movie is exciting.